Family Trip to Annapurna Base Camp

Jayadatta Narasipura, USA

Dear Ganga and the entire team,

We, Narasipura family would like to thank you and your team for making once in a lifetime experience possible. All three of us loved every minute we spent in the Himalayas and Nepal. After my EBC trek, I wanted to experience Himalayas again with my family. Your team made it possible.

Every day, we knew what to expect because Paban explained us on previous evening and in the morning. In seven days, we trekked in the lush green forest, saw numerous waterfalls, were inside the clouds, refreshed ourselves in the river and stream water, took multiple breaks with tea, coffee.

Even though it was very hard, especially from 3rd to 5th day, we managed to get over the fatigue to continue because of Paban, Gokul and Ganesh’s help and encouragement. They used to tell us to take it easy (Aaramse jayenke) then we can do it, no need to rush. Paban modified the plan/itinerary based on the time of the day and our physical condition. We always ended the day before 5pm. Paban was flexible and booked the best teahouses, he made our trek very enjoyable. On fourth day, we were scheduled to trek to Upper Sinuwa. He changed it, we stayed at Lower Sinuwa. Because of 4th day’s change of plan, he modified fifth day trek too.

Every day, as soon as we woke up, we started off with a hot cup of coffee or tea, they served to us without fail. Enjoying first few minutes of the day looking the sunrise in the mountains with a hot drink was so peaceful and relaxing. At the end of every day, we had fun, talking, playing cards, and having delicious dinner with fresh fruits as dessert. It was a beautiful experience. Paban, Gokul and Ganesh treated us royally and with respect, we are grateful to them.

Spending last two days of our trek in the Machapuchare and Annapurna basecamps were a bliss, surrounded by the Annapurna mountain range was just amazing, and unbelievable.

On the last day of the trip, we loved the cultural tour of the three cities, we were mesmerized by the artwork.

Hope we can come back and enjoy Nepal again.

We appreciate everything you did for us to accomplish our dream trek.


Trip done between 9th to 18th May 2022

Trek to Everest with Dinesh

Richard, UK

“After extensive research regarding which trekking company to entrust with helping me with my dream holiday I chose The Nepal Hiking Team.

This was for a number of reasons.

  1. Ganga and his team were super flexible, quick to respond, and allowed me to build a bespoke holiday that suited my schedule.
  2. When things went wrong at my end, they were quick to come up with solutions to help me out
  3. They understood this was a once in a lifetime experience for me, and answered my many and varied questions.

Once I arrived in Nepal it was immediately clear I had made the right decision.

I was picked up from the airport, and driven to the hotel where I met Ganga and my guide Dinesh.

Dinesh checked that the equipment I had brought with me was suitable, and NHT provided me a down jacket.

The next day we flew out of Kathmandu, to EBC and Island Peak.

Dinesh looked after me for the next 12 days in the mountains.

He is an expert on the local area. Point at any mountain, and he can tell you how high it is and what its name is.

He has travelled extensively over the area for more than 8 years, and he uses this knowledge to enrich your holiday experience.

Every hotel you stay in, he knows the owners, and ensures you get a comfortable room.

Need your washing done, or a hot shower? He will recommend where (and where not!) to get it done.

When you are walking the trails he can tell you how much further you have to go, what bits will be difficult, and which easier.

If you are looking to book with Nepal Hiking, and are lucky enough to have Dinesh as a guide then you are going to have a fabulous trip”

Amazing trek from start to finish!

Walt Risley, USA

When searching for a trekking company I wanted to go with a local group. All the reviews for Nepal Hiking Team were excellent so I choose them. From start to finish they had their act together. Initial correspondence and any email questions were answered by Ganga, the man in charge, by the next day. They kept me up to date with everything I needed as far as entry into Nepal. Picked me up from the airport and got me to my hotel without an issue. I joined a couple from Canada for the trek. Our guide Prakash never left our side from breakfast to dinner.

He expedited the flight to and from Lukla which would have been a hectic process without him. Since all of us were in our 50s he established early that we would be in no rush. Whether we got to our next location at 2pm or 4pm didn’t matter. I would rather be outside enjoying the trek than in early playing cards. I felt safe and looked after with him. This trek is tough. It’s much steeper than I anticipated and the altitude change from place to place does not reflect the ascents and descents which on some days doubles the heights you actually do.

They ascents into Tengbouche and at Dugla pass are particularly tough but at a slow steady pace they are doable by any who are reasonably fit. Once at the guest house the service didn’t end there. Prakash took care of all our needs. Making sure we had enough to eat and enough water. He wouldn’t leave our side until we turned in for the night which was often quite early. His personality was very soothing.

We could not have accomplished what we did without him or our 2 porters. While English was not their strength, they would carry our gear ahead of us to the next location and often double back to see if we needed help and were more than happy to help with our day packs. They also accompanied us on some of the acclimation hikes in case some or one of us wanted to climb higher, splitting us up. After the trek everything was taken care of.

I needed a PCR COVID test for a tour in Abu Dahbi the day after I left Kathmandu and Ganga arranged for a nurse to administer it to me in the hotel. Seamless. It’s a long review but I really can’t say enough about these guys, especially for the price. For all the service we got it was amazingly reasonable. Would definitely use this company on any return trip to Nepal and highly recommend!

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Highly recommend Annapurna Circuit trek with Nepal Hiking Team

Nicola Ross, Australia

The Annapurna circuit trek was one of the best treks I’ve ever experienced. I completed it with my sister (we are both in our early sixties) on a private tour in April 2022. It was very well organized by Nepal Hiking Team, a very professional organization. Nina provided wonderful advice on the trip initially.

Our guide, Hari was experienced, attentive, capable, and kind. He made the trip a success for us, along with Nomoratz, our porter, who carried our gear with such good humour. The Himalayas are the most majestic mountain range in the world.

The trek was very strenuous and challenging, (more for me than my sister) but was such a wonderful experience. We have learned so much about Hinduism and Buddhism and have developed a great affection and respect for the Nepalese people. They are wonderful hosts with a rich culture we have enjoyed learning about.

I highly recommend this company, our guide, and porter if you are considering trekking in Nepal. This country offers real adventure, beauty, and cultural experiences to those who venture here.

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Beautiful Mardi Himal Trek

Beste Gokkilic Yazar, Turkey

We did eight days Mardi Himal trek and it was a very pleasant experience. The whole team arranged everything with great professionalism and they were equally precise when something unexpected or out of the plan happened. They took great care for us both during our accommodation in Kathmandu and the trekking period as well.

Our guide Dinesh was also extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend him, he was always there with his stunning hospitality when we needed. He is also a great teacher, taught me some of the basics of Nepalese language too :D.

I would definitely recommend Nepal Hiking Team if you have any plans to travel to Nepal for trekking purposes.


16-day Everest Base Camp Trek with NHT

William, USA

Doing the Everest Base Camp Trek with my father was a great vacation opportunity for my family. My father and I decided to do it with Nepal Hiking Team, an agency recommended to us by a friend. It was spoken very highly of, and thus going in, we already had an idea about what we should be expecting. But NHT exceeded all of our anticipations!

The people we met and accompanied by were pleasant and extremely friendly and helpful, the services that we got were also excellent and enjoyable!

We were provided complimentary sleeping bags, duffle bags, and Down jackets as well, and the guesthouses that we stayed at were nice, clean, and comfortable.

The meals were fulfilling, and we were provided generous portions, thanks to our guide Narayan. We did not have to worry about anything at all. We just laid back and enjoyed the mountains while the rest was taken care of in the most expert manner by the agency.

We had the best time in Nepal with NHT, and should we ever go back for another adventure, and we know we will most definitely be choosing Nepal Hiking Team!

EBC trek with Prakash

Chris, USA

I and my wife were suggested the Everest Base Camp Trek by Nepal Hiking Team and we decided to go ahead with it and it was one of the best decisions of our lives because we had the most fun and enjoyable time together!

Prakash was our guide and he was also the one who first greeted us at the airport when we arrived as well. He was friendly and efficient at his work. He always took care of our needs during the trip and spared no expenses regarding our comfort. He was always asking us if we needed anything or if we were comfortable or not. It was very heart-warming and good to be in his company. It can be said about the rest of the aspects of the trip as well. Mr. Ganga even called us to ask us if we were good and enjoying ourselves or not from his office back in Kathmandu, which we think shows that the agency really takes care of its clients.

Overall, it was a good trip and we immensely enjoyed it! Thank You Nepal Hiking Team!

Best Guide Ever

Abigail, USA

I would like to express my gratitude towards Nepal Hiking Team for providing me with one of the best trekking journeys of my life. I did the Everest Base Camp Short Trek with Nepal Hiking Team in the early months of this year and it was an absolute blast!

From the very first correspondence with Mr. Ganga via e-mail, all of my queries and questions were answered promptly. Not only that, during the trek as well, my guide Ram took good care of me and my well-being. I felt safe and only enjoyed the trip without any problems at all.

It was one of the best-organized trips done by a local agency. I am going to be choosing Nepal Hiking Team from now on for any of my future endeavors in Nepal!